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Dying Light by Rick-TinyWorlds   Alone In The Dark by Rick-TinyWorlds   Golden Age by Rick-TinyWorlds   My Rainy Autumn Day by Rick-TinyWorlds

Photography Tutorials


Tiny Worlds #1 - FeatureTheme: Ladybug Love

What does a life of a ladybug look like? What do they feel?
In this feature you get an inside look on the adventures of those tiny creatures, as seen by the photographers.
Follow them on their struggle to explore our world and find their love ...
brought to you by Rick-TinyWorlds
Places XXXI
:heart:The dark, the wonderful, the mysterious, the enchanted, the abandoned:heart:

A Maze In The Haze by photofreak385
Bako 5 by juhku
switzerland14 by Gehoersturz Next Up by IvanAndreevich
Sparklesand by IvanAndreevich Towards the dying Sun by Ondskapens
Balcony Sunset Panorama 4 by comsic
Hungarian skies pt.XLII. by realityDream End of Days by IvanAndreevich
Misty Morning by FreeForms Purple and orange skies by DeanAndSamsGirl
The gully by RezzanATAKOL


Hints and Tips #2 : Water SplashesWater Splashes:
Creative Use Of Water In Macro

In this tutorial I'll show you an easy way to turn a simple bottle into
a tool for creating stunning water splashes in your pictures.
You need:
An empty dish washing liquid bottle or shampoo bottleA lens to shoot from distance OR you risk water damage
Preparing the bottle
Open your empty bottle. Clean it with water until no more soap bubbles are building.
Now fill it up with water.
In action
Set a short exposure time to „freeze“ the water in motion.
Press on the bottle to release the water, while taking photos.
Be sure the water does not get inside your camera.
Technique #1 – Moment of Impact
4 Tips for Photographing Snails
In this tutorial I'm gonna teach you 4 handy tricks for photographing snails.
Snails are very pleasant models and suitable for both beginners and professionals.
1. Get Them Out Of Their Shell

You can find snails hiding in wet & shady places.
They come out after rain and during nighttime.
Once you find a snail, turn them on their back.
After 1-2 min they will come out of their shell.
2. Use Backlight

Having a lightsource behind your snail will
add additional detail to it's shell and make
the snail itself softly glow.
3. Let Them Climb
Try placing a snail carefully on plants or
other surfaces. Snails can climb walls straight
up and hang on cei
Tutorial : Falling WaterdropsTime for another Tutorial :la:

Sorry for uploading it as a journal and not as a deviation, but it is easier and faster for me :aww:
The tutorial is about this kind of photos :
( it's actually quite easy :meow: )
1. What you need : :D
Bullet; Black a DSLR camera
( maybe Bridge cameras will work too )
Bullet; Black your normal 18-55mm lens or something similar
Bullet; Black a paper with the subject you want to reflect
Bullet; Black a faucet
2. The Setup
I know that it is totally unprofessional, but who cares? It works :D


Bullet; Black just use your ba
Photography tutorial - Bokeh by Nariscuss


Things You NEED To Know for Nature PhotographyHi everyone.
I thought I would put together a list of really important things you should know for nature photography.
These are all tutorials on my new website, and they're written by some of the biggest names in wildlife and landscape photography in the world.
If you are chasing the perfect shot (aren't we all?) and you want to get better images, then read up here...
Wildlife Photography
The biggest complaint I hear from amateur wildlife photographers is that it is just so expensive.
So, with that in mind, I wrote these two articles to address this concern. You don't always need expensive kit to take great shots:
:star: The Ultimate Guide to Wildlife Photography on a Budget
:star: Choosing Your First Telephoto Lens
If you're looking for technique advice, then these are for you:
Project Educate: Composition BasicsThe action of putting things together; formation or construction.
The term composition simply means 'putting together' and is applied to all forms of art. In this respect, composition is all about the placement, arrangement or organisation of the individual elements within a photo. The composition of a photograph is what catches the viewer's attention and is what makes the image pleasing to the eye. By practicing and developing basic composition techniques, you can produce pieces of work which can recreate the impact of the original scene.
Some tips for developing composition skills are;
Look around using the viewfinder every time you take a picture.Look at each element and how it impacts the overall composition.Become familiar with your camera. Learn how it works, play around with settings and really get to know how each setting changes the overall image.Experiment and practice. Experiment and practice. Experiment and practice.Study other pieces of art; photogr
Discussion 12 ~ Mastering CompositionArguably the most important challenge that faces every artist is that of mastering composition.  Artists spend their entire life experimenting with different compositional tools in order to achieve desired effects. Throughout the academic history of art various books and theories have been written about principles and elements of design. The following list is not comprehensive and may vary from other lists that are out there, but I attempted to compile the most useful list of compositional ideas that I could with photographic examples of each of the ideas. Sometimes as artist we can spend so much time on technique and subject matter, that the basic composition of the piece we are trying to create gets overlooked. These powerful compositional tools not only help us to create more cohesive and complex art but they also help us to speak about art. Using the universal language of design, we can communicate with other artist in a seamless and direct way. My hope with this article is th


Portraiture - Humans to Animals "A good quality camera will help you produce good results, but in the end it's you who will make a photograph, not the camera."
Portraiture is no exception to the above musings, it's less about the right lighting and expensive equipment and much more about the subject you are photographing and how you interact with them. People photography is becoming more and more popular with people booking photographers to expand on their modelling portfolio, capture a newborn in the family or preserve some precious memories of many generations. But what about animals? Pet Photography is also becoming widely popular and there are many hints and tips that apply to capturing humans that you can also use when capturing someone's beloved pet (even your own!)
If you've been asked to shoot outdoors, which is generally preferable for capturing pets, then find out where their favourite location is. It might be a favour


Rick Hoppmann

I'm a game developer and photographer from Germany, who loves nature, adventure and a good cup of coffee.
I post here my photos of lost places and tiny worlds.

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You can find a collection of helpful photography tutorials at the left side of the page.
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